Don’t go into shock, but you’ve just landed on the single most popular article on this site. Yep! It appears that folks are – for some strange reason – definitely interested in the subject of love and astrological compatibility…

Chances are you entered this section expecting to find one of those typical grid charts of “compatible” and “incompatible” Sun Signs.” We’ll get there eventually – but I just can’t bring myself to let you off the hook quite that easily… Yep! You’re going to have to put on your “thinking cap” and do a little work with that “gray matter” of yours.

First Thing To Know

There’s much, much. much more to astrological compatibility than the simple comparison of Sun signs. Yes, I know you’ve been led to believe (by pop Sun sign astrology) that the comparison of Sun Signs can determine compatibility between two people. However – while the comparison of Sun Signs is a very good place to start – Sun Sign compatibility is only the first of many, many, many factors which are considered in real “bona fide” astrological compatibility.

The true art of astrological chart comparison is complex, fascinating, and maddeningly elusive… This stuff is not an exact science! Oops! (Just made some astrologers mad with that comment.) Anyway… this stuff is not “cut and dried.” And even if it were cut and dried… as an astrologer, I still learn a little more almost everyday regarding what really works and what doesn’t. Every astrologer has their own little “pet theories” regarding the subject of compatibility. And sometimes these little “pet theories” end up being in direct opposition with the “pet theories” of other astrologers. As a result… some of the thoughts you see in this article may be quite different than what you’ll see on another site or at a visit to your local astrologer.
How serious
On a scale of one to ten (with ten being the highest)… if you’re a seven or higher in wanting to know about astrological compatibility with another person; then I strongly suggest you put out some “buckage” and consult with a local astrologer in your hometown.

Luckily for you, the consumer, virtually every astrologer on the planet has poured hours and hours into understanding the subject of compatibility. Besides astrologers having their own personal interest in the subject – we know that eleven times out of ten, our clients will have a question or two (or twenty) about compatibility. On I found an interesting article named “Couples who are perfect for each other depending on their zodiac sign in 2018”

Now, if at all possible, the astrologer is going to need your:

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth – time of birth determines the Ascendant/Descendant axis and House Placements. So knowing the time of birth is critical for determining compatibility.

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What in the heck is a soul mate?
What does a soul mate look like?
Would ya even know one if ya saw one?
And does astrology give any possible clues as to who might “feel” like a soul mate?

Why that crowded?
“Relationship” and finding one’s “soul mate” has become one of the top (if not the most important) guiding beliefs of our day and time! This modern day quest of finding the “perfect relationship” has taken on mythic, larger-than-life, archetypical proportions!

“Relationship” and finding the “right person” to share our life journey with has become the 21st Century equivalent of the medieval Search for the Holy Grail…

“The deep yearning to share life with someone moves most of us toward relationship. Our hearts dream of a union that will add sparkle to the experience of being. When we fall in love, we find bliss and inspiration. It can be like sailing to a tropical island paradise. We are exploring new territory – the magnificently unfamiliar. We are in the honeymoon of a new beginning. ”